Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Latest On Mom and Dad!

Dad started his radiation treatments today. So far so good, he has about 24 more to go. He will go M-F for 5 weeks instead of the 5 mega doses they originally had scheduled. This will be better, because he will have fewer side effects and be able to help with Mom.

Mom is home from the hospital. I am here helping out this week. It is good because Dad has to be gone at least an hour everyday, we need to work something out for next week when I go home though. Mom's feet are still bad. Her toes look like they have frostbite on them, they are black and the skin is peeling. However, her feet as a whole actually look better than they did because they are not red and swollen. She says they no longer hurt, which is a huge improvement over Christmas.

Mom is still very weak and needs assistance to stand and walk short distances (3 or 4 feet is about all she can manage) We have a nurses aid who comes out three times a week (at least they are supposed to, so far they don't have great track record) to bathe her. Otherwise, my Dad provides the rest of her care, he feeds her, dresses her, gets her to the bathroom (occasionally has to change the sheets) and gives her her medication. Quite a load for a 76 yr old man going through radiation treatments.

I am helping out as much as I can this week but will need to return home this weekend as my daughter is out of school on Monday but hubby has to work that day. We need to find someone to come in and help out every day, not just give a bath three times a week. Think we need to look into hospice care.

We did get some encouraging news that her cancer cells have decreased from 6000 to 3000 but am not sure exactly what that means (waiting on email from her doctor) It would seem that it means the chemo is working but the chemo is what is causing the bloodclots in her feet so the chemo is on hold for awhile.

Just wanted to let you know what was going on here. Please keep praying for us. I have been reading a blog Confessions of a CF husband, if you have a chance go read about this sweet family and offer up some prayers for them too! I am sorry I don't have the link available, I am on an unfamiliar computer and am half asleep but if you just google "confessions of a cf husband" you will find it or leave me a comment and tomorrow when I am coherent I will send you the link!



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Thank you!

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I continue to pray for you and your family, Michelle.

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