Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Life goes on!

I sometimes hesitate to post anything on this blog because it always seems so negative and so down but I know there are several people out there who read these post because they love me and my family and this is how they keep up with what is going on. So for those of you wanting an upbeat post I apologize, you probably won't find one here for awhile, feel free to check back in 6 months or so!

Mom got out of the hospital today after 12 days. She is happy to be home and back in her bed but I think my Dad is worried about taking care of her, as she is just getting weaker all the time. Dad is doing well on his new medication and saw his new oncologist today. He will start radiation treatments probably next week, they are going to make his mask tomorrow.

I hope to be going back to check on them soon. I can't seem to shake this cold/allergy stuff. I think it must be allergies because I have not given it to anyone else. Seems like my hubby would have come down with it if it were something other than allergies. The weather here has been weird, very cold then up in the 80's, windy, high pollen counts, so chances are it is allergies. Whatever it is, I am tired of it and wish it would go away so I could breathe freely again! It is hard enough trying not to be depressed without physically feeling bad on top of it.

Prayers as always are appreciated. Specifically, please pray for strength for us all to get through what promises to be a very difficult year. My husbands' grandparents are both in very bad health, of course my Mom's prognosis is not good, several friends are having health issues with their parents and children. Our good friends just told us they are moving this summer. Just a lot of stuff going on right now!

I know this is just a season and things will get better but we still have to get through all of this first!


Jennifer said...

Right now I honestly wish we lived there and I could help you out somehow. I hate that your life is so hard right's just so much to deal with. Know that I love you, am praying for you, and am thinking about you...and honestly, would come if you needed me to...I would find a way. Hang in there...and don't worry about your blog posts...those of us that love you and your family just want to hear from you (((HUGS)))

jettybetty said...

I think this is just a season, too, but a very difficult one. Hope you get to feeling perkier soon. I continue to pray.