Monday, March 17, 2008

Life Continues!

Darling Daughter is spending a few days with her paternal grandparents this spring break week. I had thought I might go to my Dad's for a few days but have decided to wait and go for Easter so that Darling Daughter can come along. He always enjoys seeing the grandbaby! I don't know what I would do there except go through Mama's stuff and I don't think either of us is quite ready for that yet.

I have not blogged about my Mom's service yet so I thought maybe I would share a few things. The funeral was held in a wonderful old southern mansion surrounded by beautiful mature trees and a big porch that wrapped all the way around, it really was a pretty place. I had picked out her casket earlier as my Dad wanted the whole thing pre-arranged. My brother choose beautiful roses for the spray that went on top of the casket in various shades of burgandy and pink. I can't say Mama looked natural but she looked pretty good considering what she had been through the last few months and the amount of weight she had lost.

One of my good friends from my old church really came through for me that week. He is an elder in a church in La now and we keep in touch mostly by email now and then. He had been emailing me with encouragement right before my Mom passed away and found out almost immediately from the preacher at our old church when she passed. He emailed me that he was coming for the funeral and agreed to lead the singing as Dad wanted to have congregational singing. Mama loved to hear David sing, so it was such a fitting tribute to have him lead it for her service. The songs we choose were fitting for a Christian Lady like my Mom. We sang "When all of God's singers get home", "No Tears In Heaven" and "Won't It Be Wonderful There". All three songs speak of the joy that awaits us in Heaven. David also wrote me a beautiful poem that I will cherish forever.

There were so many people that came for the visitation and funeral. They all wanted to tell us how much they loved my Mom and what she had done for them. Mama was one of those quiet Christians, that goes about her life doing good works for people but never toots her own horn. So many people brought food and flowers and almost all of them said they were just repaying the kindness that Mama had shown to them. I hope people can say that about me when I am gone.

Need to go now and get busy, I want to use this time without the "youngun" to get some work done around the house. I have definitely slacked off on housekeeping these last few months. I hope you few that read this are having a great week. If you are able-- go hug your Mom and Dad and tell them you love them. We are not promised tomorrow and it CAN happen to you!


jettybetty said...

I am glad you shared about your mom's service. Sounds like it was so fitting for her! I am thankful you're also able to see so many ways God has been good to you through some hard, hard days!

Enjoy your spring break!

Jenny said...

Sounds like a beautiful service for a wonderful woman! Thanks for sharing.

TMK said...

Your mom sounds like you! Sorry for what you are going through. I lost my dad 11 years this week. I know it hurts. Just keep praying and remembering all she was. ((hugs))