Monday, March 24, 2008

Out Of The Mouth of Babes

This is going to be a long post, but stick with me....I think it will be worth it (if I tell it right!)

Okay, last week while Darling Daughter (DD) was on Spring Break with her paternal grandparents, the dog was a terror! She was into everything, including chewing a hole in the carpet of my family room. So one particularly trying day I sent the following text message to my hubby:

Me: Help me come up with a good story to tell DD because I am going to kill the dog

Hubby: Maggie was out chasing a squirrel....

Me: ...and she chased it up on the roof....

Later in the week after we got DD back, we were talking about that and DD said she did not "get it" so I explained to her the story....Here it is for those of you who might not have heard it or have just forgotten it because it is an old one....

A man asked his friend to watch his dog while he was out of town. The friend agrees to do this and after about a week, the man calls his friend to ask about the dog. The friends says "Your Dog Died!" The man says "WHAT'S THE MATTER WITH YOU, BLURTING OUT THAT KIND OF NEWS!"

The friend say "well, how should I have told you?" The Man says well the first day when I called you should have said " your dog was out chasing a squirrel", then the second day when I called you should have said " your dog chased the squirrel up on the roof" and then finally the third day you should have said " I am sorry but your dog fell off the roof and died". That way I would have been prepared for the news and it would not have been so shocking.

The friend say "okay, I am sorry about that now I know" The Man says by the way.. "How is my Dad doing?" The friend says "Well, Your Dad was out chasing a squirrel!"

So we told DD that story and she loved it, she laughed and laughed about it, thought it was a great story.

This weekend, we went to see my Dad. First time we had been there since the funeral. We had a good visit with him. Went to church on Easter Sunday and then out to a cafeteria for lunch. There was a long line and we had to wait quite a while to get our food. There was an older man in front of us with his grandkids and kids. He struck up a conversation with DD. During the course of this conversation, the man asked DD if she was visiting her grandparents and she blurted out "My Granny died!" You could tell the man was a little uncomfortable but he handled it well, said he was sorry about that and they ended the conversation.

I was talking to DD and I said "you know, you shouldn't just blurt out that Granny is dead, that makes people uncomfortable" She turned around to me, totally straight faced with her hands on her hips .. "Well Mama, what am I supposed to say.....Granny was out chasing a squirrel?"

I just started laughing right there in the cafeteria line... My Mama would have loved it and been laughing the loudest of all!

Hope you all have a great week!


Jennifer said...

Michelle...that's hilarious...that's one smart cookie you've got there!
I've been horrible about staying in touch's been crazy here...but I've been thinking of you and praying for you. Your mama's slideshow was beautiful...she was a beautiful lady and well-loved, it seems!! (((hugs)))

TMK said...

That's too funny! Kids are hilarious.

Jenny said...


Tanya said...

Too funny! Thanks for sharing :)

Lynn said...

What a sweet comparison and for your daughter to have enjoyed it so much! But, in reading a little of your blog I see you have had a rough month. I am so sorry to have heard about your mom. I hope God blesses you with lots of special memories to comfort you. And in hindsight? LTC was not THAT BAD! We were awful proud of our kids.