Thursday, September 29, 2005

K- My daughter the Hero!

K saved the day yesterday ( or at least the house) School is out early this week for teacher conferences and K and her little friend S were in the family room watching a video. I had just been downstairs and fixed them popcorn and a rootbeer (this is significant because I had to get the rootbeer from the 2nd fridge which is in the laundryroom). They were fine so I went upstairs to (what else) read my blogs. Not five minutes later, K is screaming for me that there is water in the hall. I fly down the stairs and there is water coming into the familyroom, masterbedroom, hall and laundryroom. The hot water hose to the washer had split and a geiser was shooting up, hitting the shelf over it and literally raining in the laundry room. I start in to turn the water off and realize that first it is hot water and second I have an expensive hearing aid on that will ruin if I go running in there. So a quick detour to remove the hearing aid and then I turned off the water. It was hot but it did not burn me.

What a mess, it was about 2 inches deep in the laundry room and running out the back door into the garage. I got ahold of my hubby ( he just loves to get my phone calls these days!) and called the insurance, they connected me with a water extraction company who came within the hour. So we started moving furniture out of the way and emptying closets ( what a job) They tore up the carpets and cut out the padding, took off baseboards to let the walls dry. They had to cut two big holes in the closet to get to the area under the stairs which was full of water. All of this in less than 5 minutes of running water. They brought in 12 fans and 2 big dehumidifyers and it is noisy and windy in my house now. I know just a little of how hurricane victims feel now.

It is our new family joke that my parents and my brother get the hurricane ( they still have no water or electricity) and I get the flood! How fair is that? The main carpet area affected is the area that we were planning to ceramic tile anyways, so maybe this will spur us on to go ahead and do it.

Today is my day to work in the workroom at school and also I have a conference with K teacher today so I guess I better get hopping. It is good to keep my mind off this mess. All we can really do right now is wait and hope it drys out with no mold forming. Hope all of my friends out there are staying dry and go check your washer hoses RIGHT now!


Jacinda said...

Been there, done that! I thought our laundry room was on fire when this happened to us because of all of the steam....I thought it was smoke!

I ran out of the house with my child to the neighbor's house yelling that I needed help. (I didn't have a clue what to do and almost called embarrassing would that have been!)

My neighbor and his son came over and turned it off and helped with some of the preliminary clean-up.

ugh! My husband got some better kind of hose to fix it. We also turn off the water to the whole house now when we go out of town b/c we're paranoid something like that will happen when we're not home. Can you imagine?!? What a mess that would be!

TMK said...

Oh my! Poor thing.

Sandy said...

Holy Smokes! You sure have a good attitude about it, which is half the battle. Glad they got to working on it right away. What a mess!
Maybe now insurance will pay for your new flooring (a blessing in disguise?)

jettybetty said...

What a mess--I am so glad K alerted you and you got the water off--what would have happened otherwise?

Hope you have things back to *normal* soon!!

(Those aggies just barely won today! whewww!)


Niki said...

What an adventure - if you can call it that! Glad eveyone is o.k. and yeah K!!!