Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Survived Another Year (and Birthday!)

Sorry I haven't blogged in awhile, it has been a busy week. The weekend was good, hubby and I got some alone time on Friday. We hired a babysitter and went to eat seafood ( darling daughter doesn't like seafood, so it was a good time to go) Nice to be together even if he was in a quiet mood that night. Sat. was filled with errands and picking up the car from the shop, big bucks to get the A/C fixed but after spending most of the summer with subpar A/C enough was enough! Sunday was busy with church and life group activities.

Monday was good in that K went back to school and stayed there! I had my physical therapy and they did not forget me on the bike! After school was dance class and then home to hubby! He had gotten off work a little early (rare thing for him) and wrapped (?) my birthday present. Now by wrap, I mean that he wrapped the box in bubble wrap and put a plastic pink lei (the kind the kids get at parties!) on top. I might mention that he had to walk by not one but two rolls of wrapping paper to even get to the bubble wrap but hey he gets points for wrapping and remembering to get me a present. My bubble wrap present was a shredder! What a romantic guy I have! He did buy me a watch for my daughter to give me and that one actually got put in a gift bag! He had ordered pizza for supper so what more could a girl ask for?

People keep asking me if I had a good birthday! I had an okay birthday but maybe not the most memorable one I have ever had! I have a great husband, a sweet daughter, all the earthly possessions I need and many that I just want (and lots that I neither need or want!) I have family and friends that love me. I have a God who loves me best! So if my birthday was not the most exciting day of the year, so what! I am trully blessed and thankful for what I have. I still have a girls night out this weekend to celebrate with my friends so it ain't over yet!

A quick prayer request, my parents just informed me that they are evacuees from Hurricane Rita! They have a camp house in Arkansas to go to so they are more fortunate than most. Please pray that this will not be another killer storm and no more people will die!


jettybetty said...

Happy belated Bday! Sounds like a great one to me!
I amen your thoughts on Rita.


TMK said...

a wrapped gift and pizza...now that's a bday! Happy belated bday!