Monday, December 12, 2005

ENT visit

The ENT visit on friday was long and complicated. They did a hearing test and then the Dr. spent over an hour talking and examining me. He does not know what is causing the dizziness but feels I would be a good candidate for a cochlear implant. So today, I went and did a 3 hour balance test, not fun but not painful either. On Thursday, I will have a CT of my ears to rule out any abnormalities which might make the implantation impossible. Then I take the films to the Dr. and I undergo a 1 1/2 hour evaluation for the implant. It is mostly a test to see how much I can understand using hearing aids. Then after that I will meet with Dr. Krueger to see if I "pass" and if I can have the implant. My sweet husband is going to take the day off and go with me. That way he can ask the Dr. any questions he might have and also be my extra pair of ears. It is an exciting time but also a bit nerve racking. Please pray for me that all will go well and that I will qualify for this proceedure. The Dr. on friday seemed very upbear about the implant. He kept saying you are going to be amazed at how well you can hear after this. So it sounds like he feels I will qualify for it. The level of hearing that the doctor indicated that I would achieve with the implant far surpasses anything I have been able to get using the hearing aids.


jettybetty said...

I will be praying for you--I am so excited about the possibilities!

Brett and Jenny Perkins said...

I saw your comment the other day on Tracy's blog and you mentioned that your were hearing impaired so I had to come check out your blog. My 3 year old son is hearing impaired. He actually goes to Dr. Krueger too. He is a great doc! Not the most friendly with toddlers running around his room, but he sure know what he is talking about (we are actually going to see him tomorrow). Anyways, if you wouldn't mind, I would love to talk with you sometime about growing up hearing impaired. Since Zachary still can't express all that is going on, it is so hard for me to know what it is like for him. Do you know Tracy from church? If so, maybe I could meet you sometime. We have just started visiting out at Northside. I hope I don't sound too much like some blog stalker, but I am also interested in hearing about the lives of Deaf/HOH adults.

PatrickMead said...

Our prayers are with you. God bless you and your family. Tell your husband "Way to go!" He sounds like a kind and supportive man.

TMK said...

WOW~ This is so exciting!! I will be praying for you. You should really meet Jenny Perkins. She is the nicest person! If she is there Sunday, I will introduce you two. Have a great day!