Monday, December 19, 2005

Patience Is Not My Strong Suit!

Here it is Monday afternoon and I am still waiting on Dr. office to call with surgery schedule for Cochlear Implant. The Dr. said I would know something Thursday afternoon. No call, so I called Friday Morning, staff says Dr. is in surgery, office closes at 1 pm, will call Monday morning. I called again this morning and they apologize and assure me someone will be calling today. Meanwhile, all Christmas plans are on hold waiting for them to let me know if this will be done this year (Dr. said this year!) or if it will be in Jan. Both sides of the family and even extended family are waiting anxiously to know when the surgery is scheduled and can we keep all the Christmas plans we have made. At this point, I really don't mind (too much) waiting until January for the surgery, I just need an answer, so I don't finalize all our Christmas plans only to have to change them again. Lord grant me patience, but do it now!

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