Thursday, March 23, 2006

Nothing Much Going On Here!

Keep trying to come up with something to post about but this has just been an ordinary week for us. Filled with hum drum stuff that married people and families do! Hasn't been a great week and hasn't been a lousy one! We picked up a new area rug for the family room. K has doctor appt this week and I have a remapping on Friday for the CI.Maybe this will be the week that they make just the right adjustment and everything falls into place.

Thanks be to God for hum drum weeks, they can't all be terribly exciting and thankfully it has not been a bad week! Hubby and I are teaching a class at church on Weds. nights in sign language. We don't have a big group but they seem eager to learn and they provide us with lots of laughs.

All you bloggers out there with exciting weeks, write about them so us hum drummers can have something to read about this week! Taking any trips Jettybetty? Any cute pictures Maui Mama? Have a blessed week everybody!


babymonkey121793 said...

i dont no if teenage drama is interesing to u or not, but u could always read my blog. only under one condition: u HAVE to comment. thnx, breezy

jettybetty said...

Pretty hum drum week here--sometime I enjoy hum drum--however, it's about time to go to Hawaii! ;-)