Monday, March 27, 2006

Good Book!

Hello Friends! Hope you all had a good weekend. Ours was rather uneventful (a good thing) Hubby and I were able to enjoy each other's company for almost the whole day on Saturday because darling daughter played at a friends house all afternoon and then we had already arranged for a babysitter in the evening. We were able to go to Costco and browse the whole store with no one saying, "I am bored, let's go home" I love to check out the book section at Costco and came home with a few new ones.

I just finished one of them this morning as I was working my way through our endless supply of laundry (who knew 3 people could produce so much laundry!) "The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency" by Alexander McCall Smith was a good quick read. It is set in Botswana, Africa. It is a short book (235 pages), so it doesn't take forever to get through it. It looks like it is a series with several other books continuing the adventures of this unlikely lady detective. I can't wait to pick up some of the other books in the series.

Looks like we might be getting some rain, we sure could use it in this area. Here's wishing you a delightful week, full of good friends, peaceful families and all of God's richest blessings!


erinlo said...

I read that book, MAK!!! My husband actually read it first and said he thought I would enjoy it (which we usually do not enjoy the same books) and I did! I love the characters and the oddness of it. I'm sure much of it was cultural, but it was very interesting indeed.

Brett and Jenny Perkins said...

I don't think I have ever left Costco without a book! Good selection...great price. Can't pass it up.

TMK said...

"A good book" not something you will hear me say EVER! I'm not a reader. Too much ADD I suppose. To each their own :)

elizabeth said...

I read this book this fall and loved it!

He also wrote a book called the Sunday Philosophy Club that was great as well!