Saturday, March 04, 2006


I know that you all are used to me complaining on my blog but I actually have some encouraging news to report. First of all, I heard my daughter ask me a question on Friday through the implant. We were in the car and I can never understand her when I am driving and she is in the backseat. I had pulled into the parking lot where she takes her swimming lessons and turned off the car. She said "mama, what time is it?" ( I was not looking at her and had my head turned where my processor was towards her) and immediately I said, It is 3:11. Then I realized what had just happened and so I asked her what she just asked me and lip read her say I asked what time it was! I told her that I heard her thru the implant for the first time and she said "Mama, that is so cool!"

Second great thing is I got to go out with my favorite date twice this weekend. My daughter spent the night with a friend (different friend this week) on Friday and we had already arranged for a baby sitter for Sat. So what a treat to have time alone with my hubby two nights in a row. My daughter made it thru the night at her friends house this week ( I am not too surprised because she knows this friend and her family much better than the girl she tried to spend the night with last weekend. So no midnight trips across town to pick up an unhappy child this weekend!

I was able to hear a couple of words clearly and can tell that I am hearing speech more frequently now, rather than just beeps and whistles but there are still some problems with the processor. It is too loud to wear for any length of time so I will have to have more programming done this week. But I am very encouraged because this was the first time I heard anything besides just beeps and whistles. So while it is not fixed by any means we are making progress and I can see there will be a time when I can hear with this implant. That gives me great hope for the future and as Christians we all know how powerful hope can be!

Hope you all had a happy weekend, full of good times and good friends. Blessings to all!


jettybetty said...

That sounds wonderful--I pray you will continue to hear more and more all the time!

TMK said...

Well that is just too cool! Your patience are paying off. I will continue to pray for your clear as a whistle hearing.(sorry. bad pun)

elizabeth said...

What an incredible gift! I am so happy for you that the implant is starting to work.

erinlo said...

MAK!!! I'm so excited about the CI! I just got back into town and was catching up on blog reading. SO SO HAPPY for you!