Friday, March 24, 2006

Spoke too soon!

Things got a little more interesting around here after I posted about a boring week (isn't that how it usually works!) The new (expensive) computer decided to bite the dust. I was working on it and and an error screen popped up and before I could even react to that the whole screen went POP! I tried everything I knew to do to get it to come back up but it would not boot up, it would show the logo and then fade to grey! I was just sure that we had a 90 day warrantee on it and that it was day 91!

Hubby tried to fix it with no success ( he is the computer expert) so I was really sweating it out at that point but we got on the other computer and using the webpage figured out that it was a bad memory card. It will work with only one card (yeah!!!) and the card was covered by a One Year Warrantee (double Yeah!!!!) So now we are back in working mode and a new memory card is on it's way to our house! So all is well once again.

That is enough excitement for me this week, I will take my dull hum drum week back now. Had another remapping done with the CI today. Just have to be patient and wait and see with it! It is in God's hands! Have a great weekend!

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jettybetty said...

Yep, I find excitement way over-rated!

I hope this mapping is THE one that works for you!

BTW, I couldn't agree with you more from the comment you made on my blog today. Also, AFC has been great for Aggie-ed--we are so thankful--he's got a couple years until graduation--but perhaps he will find a sweet spouse there, too ;-)!!!