Tuesday, June 06, 2006


After being sick since last wednesday, I finally went to the doctor yesterday. I have bronchitis secondary to an infection, so now I am on some good drugs and hopefully on my way to recovering soon. I can already tell a difference as I am not coughing near as much or as hard.

Today was my therapy day for the cochlear implant and Lo and Behold, my therapist has either quit or been sacked. I had a totally different therapist today who obviously had not been given any information about my case. So it was like starting over from scratch. I like the new therapist well enough (I liked the old one too!) and she seems to want to help me. She is going to prepare some material for me so that I can do most of the work from home, that will work well for me as it is hard to find babysitters during the summer.

I took lil K to buy a new dress today for a wedding she will attend with my parents while her Dad and I are in Hawaii! What is the deal with the brown stuff? Everything was either brown or white! I am not crazy about her in brown and white for a wedding was not a good thing. I ended up getting her an aqua and white striped dress but may try to find something else before the wedding or maybe she will wear something she already has (easter dress maybe!) I think I overdid it with the shopping and the therapy today, so I am ready to hit the hay! Have a good evening everybody!


jettybetty said...

Hope you are back to 100% very soon!

What's the Hawaii countdown?

Bill said...

Yes. Hope you feel better soon!

I found your comment on Dee's blog, so I guess that means I know you well enough to share a story with you.

I went to the doctor the last week of April. While I was sitting on the examination table, she began her Q & A.

"Would you describe your symptoms for me, please?" she asked.

"Well," I began, "I started feeling poorly about five or six weeks..."

She began to snicker. Okay! She laughed at me!

I said to her, "Doctors aren't supposed to laugh at their patients, you know?"

She replied, "Patients aren't supposed to wait a month and a half to see their doctor."

What could I say. She had me.