Friday, June 23, 2006

Finally got my rug replaced!

Don't remember if I blogged about this or not but I bought a rug from a store (that shall remain nameless--it is a big ball of gas in the night sky) and after about two weeks it started to come unraveled at the edge. The lady I bought it from told me that I had an unconditional 30 day warranty on it, so I call up the customer service department to arrange an exchange.

Well, of course nothing is ever as simple as they make it sound...I could not just bring it back, they had to send out someone to see the damage. So I had to wait for someone to come out and tell me that "yep it was coming unraveled" and "yes, they would give me a new one". He said it would be a month or more because they had to make the rug at the factory. This was around the end of March or the beginning of April. He told me they would call me when it came in and bring out the new one. Really nice, professional guy--I believed him (Silly Me!)

Fast forward to June and still no rug. So hubby calls and they tell him that it is waiting for us at the warehouse and has been there for some time. So I load up the rug to go exchange it (what happened to delivering it to me?) and I get there today and of course no one knows where it is. Finally after about 20 minutes (of my 8 year old feigning death because she is "soooooo hungry!") They locate (or so we think) the rug on the showroom floor so off we go, the warehouse guy carring the old rug and me and my 8 yr old following him thru the warehouse into the back door of the store. The rug showman does not know where the rug is, so after another 10 minutes, they finally locate it. It takes 4 men, 30 minutes to find a rug that I spotted the minute we got on the showroom floor.

Oh well, All's well that ends well. I have a new rug which does not appear to have any damage or unraveling edges. Hopefully, this one will last a long time, because it was not cheap! I still like this particular furniture store but they need to work on their customer service! In this particular case, it is "All about Me" because I paid for the rug! :0)

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jettybetty said...

*sigh* customer service is just not what it used to be--hope this rug works out--what a hassle to exchange it and all!