Tuesday, June 13, 2006

VBS Week

I was reading another blog about VBS and thought I would make that my topic today. VBS is in full swing at the church this week. This church goes all out for VBS and apparently it works because we always have a full house. We have reached the point that we have to limit the enrollment because we have more kids than we can keep up with and feed. I am not saying that we can't afford to feed them but just don't have the space in the kitchen to prepare for them. Also we would not have enough adult and teen helpers to adequately supervise them.

I have served in several roles during VBS since we moved her in 2000. The first summer I worked in Preschool doing a video. The second and third year, I did Crafts and the last three years I have been in the kitchen. It is hot in there but that seems to fit my personality the best. I feel like I am contributing but I am not right in the middle of 400 kids. That gets confusing when you can't hear so well.

The first three years I came down with pneumonia after VBS and I have not had it since I have been in the kitchen away from the kids (coincidence.....maybe, maybe not!) I am glad the kids have VBS, it gives them a church activity to do during the summer. Our church is blessed with a great Children's Ministry and they are great at keeping the kids busy during the summer. This is the activity that we open to the public (as much as we can) and so it is a great outreach program. There are several other programs in the summer that are pretty much limited to the kids in our congregation or sometimes in combination with another church or two.

Sometimes I think we go to too much trouble with the elaborate VBS and the kids would be just as happy with cookies and kool-aid and puppet shows. But maybe I need to get with the times, the kids today are used to state of the art stuff and old time-y VBS would probably bore them to tears.

So tomorrow morning we will jump right back into the swing of things and make another 100 or so home made ice cream sandwiches to go with the 250 or so we have already made (preschool just gets cookies). The kids will love it and the parents will love that they are having a good time. The rest of the week we will have pizza (weds), fruit (thurs), pigs in blankets (friday) and then snow cones and popcorn at the wrap party after VBS is over on Friday. And on Sat. we will rest!

Maybe tomorrow I will have a chance to walk through Bethlehem and see how the church has been transformed (did not even get a potty break today!) Hope your week holds many blessings for all of you. If my feet hold out and I don't catch pneumonia, I know that I will come away from VBS with countless blessings!


jettybetty said...

VBS has really changed since my days of "Booster, Booster"--especially since when I was younger I thought I was singing about a rooster.

Enjoy VBS! No pneuomonia!

TMK said...

YEAH! Pigs-in-a-blanket Friday! Sneak me one please....I starve on VBS days. No time to eat, or go potty, right?! One more day. one more day. one more day. Then reading camp.....