Thursday, April 05, 2007

Ahhh, Spring is In the Air!

Make that Ahhhh Choo! Spring is in the air!

My daughter had a dentist appt today and I thought I was just being over sympathetic with her when my teeth started hurting. Then my head started pounding, when I bend over it feels like my head is swelling up! (Ha Ha I know I've got a big head!)
Progressively through the afternoon, my eyes have gotten watery and my nose burns. All these are recognizable symptoms that Spring has Sprung and my allergies have begun. (I am a poet!)

However, there is a new symptom this year that has caught me off feels like the cochlear implant is unscrewing itself from my head. I actually feel like the little metal wires that run down into the cochlea are being slowly unscrewed from my head!

So.....either I am losing my mind completely or I have got a head full of sinus problems going on. Either way I am going to take advantage of my daughter playing at a friends house and go lay down.

I have got an incredibly busy weekend planned with a lot of people depending on me, so if it's not too much trouble----Say a little prayer for me! Thanks!


Jennifer said...

Nothing Springy's 35 degrees outside!! Oy vey!! I wish I was in Texas again!
I am campaigning for my hubby to move me to San Antonio. So far, I've been unsuccessful, but I haven't given up yet ;)
Love you! :)

Sandy said...

ah poor you. Hope you are alraedy feeling better.
Happy Belated Easter