Wednesday, April 04, 2007

This and That!

This has been a busy week for us, the LTC program is wrapping up soon so there has been a whirlwind of stuff going on with that, Easter Celebrations at Church, etc....

I enjoy participating as a coach with LTC, it is great to see the kids learn something new and practice it until they are almost perfect. I am also glad to see it come to a close as it is a lot of time and work preparing for it. I guess that is how some teachers feel when summer break rolls around.

Need to post some new pictures of Maggie Moo, she is up to 6 1/2 lbs as of last week's vet visit. The vet gave her a cortisone shot along with the other shots and she did not keep us up all night! Yahoo! She also had her first grooming appt. last week and she looks much better, they cut off her shaggy baby hair that was going all over the place. She still looks like she has perpetual "bedhair" but in a more "controlled" sense!

Things that make you realize your "bad" day is manageable:

One one of the blogs I was reading a few days ago,(sorry I honestly can't remember which one it was...) this woman was writing about her friend. I had to check the date on this one to make sure it wasn't just an April Fool's Joke but it was actually written a month or so ago. Seems her friend is going through a difficult time and is suffering from "panic attacks". This friend is also very claustaphobic, to the point that riding in a car can be a problem sometimes. Well, her friend was going through an automated carwash, when she experienced a panic attack. Friend jumped out of car in middle of carwash, leaving car door ajar. So friend is standing in carwash getting wet, soapy and bumped around by automated wash, when the car door gets ripped off the hinges. So friend, jumps back into car which is getting a good soaping both inside and out now and tries to exit the carwash by driving backwards. Friend gets to call husband, explain what happened and Husband gets to drive car to dealer minus drivers door. My very bad, no good, rotten day just doesn't seem so bad anymore!

Lastly, please take a moment and pray for our Deaf Ministry program. We found out Sunday that one of our interpreters is leaving (immediately). Her husband has taken a youth minister position. Please pray that God sends us someone who can help us continue this ministry, as we will be working with three interpreters (instead of four) and two people who are learning but do not have the experience to fully interpret yet.

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