Saturday, April 14, 2007


I got this off my friend, Jennifer's blog. I should have scored even higher as I have lived here all of my 43 years except for 7 (in Northern Va) in my 30's. There were some strange questions on this quiz but it was fun. My hubby gave me some help (those are probably the questions I missed!)

You are 87% REAL Texan!!

High five, you're a complete Texan. People from other states should tremble in your presence because they're simply not worthy. Let them bow before you and convey their undying adoration to you while they announce their true desire to be Texan.

How Texan Are You?


Jennifer said...

I lived in Lubbock for about 6 months...and came to visit every year until I got married...we have only been back two or three times since then :)
Hubby is talking about us taking a long weekend and driving down to SA...perhaps Memorial Day weekend...we'll see :) Just to check things out! :)
I bow before you, my dear ;)!

aggiejenn said...

I've lived here all my life, too, and I only scored 71%. I was born and raised in Austin where most of the questions focused on. Kind of sad, but it did say I'm a "real Texan!"

jettybetty said...

I've lived in Texas the last 18 years--and I came up 68%! I've never had Texas history or anything--so I was expecting lower!