Monday, July 23, 2007


Yes, believe it or not, it is still raining here in South Texas. I read in the paper on Friday or Saturday that we have already had 33.43 inches in 2007 and that our annual rainfall is usually 32.92. So we have already had more rain than we usually get in a year! The paper also said it had rained all but 3 days in July so far!

Enough already, Yes I love having green grass in July, yes I love the cooler temps but I am so sick of the rain. We have season tickets to Six Flags but can't find a day without rain to go! I find myself searching for rainbows to make sure God has not changed His mind!

UPDATE 7/24/07- Still Raining! Under a flash flood watch!

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Laurie said...

Hello! Maybe you need to build an ark? My son lives in Houston and is a golfer. He is not happy about the rain either. Hope it stops raining for his wedding in November!

Take your daughter to see the movie "Evan Almighty." It's funny and has something to do with an ark.

P.S. I'm a friend of Jennifer's. :-)