Friday, July 13, 2007

Summer Blues!

I don't know about you guys but I really need this scripture today! I think we are in the midst of the "Summer Blues" Our vacation got rained out and messed with by work and other people, so we only really got one night (the one at the Adolphus). So I am feeling a bit cheated in the Vacation department, and yes I know that we can't have a big vacation every year (yes, I remember that we got to go to Disney and Hawaii last year!)

Darling daughter is kinda in the dumps too as most of her friends are out of town on vacation right now. She was supposed to be with her grandparents this week and that got cancelled due to a death in the family. Hubby is getting swamped at work because he was on vacation last week and then on a business trip for two days this week. So basically everyone here has the blahhs!

Give me a couple of days to have my pity party and I will be over it (hopefully!) I will just look at this picture and remember that no matter what happens in this life I have the promise of a home in Heaven! This is just a short time and Heaven is forever!


aggiejenn said...

Amen! Here's hoping for an end to the "blahs" at your house and a little excitement to perk everyone up! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Sometimes there are days here that can seem like forever, can't they? I understand completely because I've been suffering from depression lately, all through our move.

But I'm feeling much better now, I'm happy to report, and pray that you will be soon, too.

Much love to you and your family through the blahs!


David said...

i see that the summer time blues are not just a happening here in the drought stricken land of Southern calif. its not as easy having faith as some seems to make it out to be.