Monday, August 20, 2007

Darling Daughter and one of her friends were playing upstairs a bit ago. HSM2 soundtrack was blaring, the keyboard was turned way up and they were dancing around the gameroom having a grand old time. All the sudden I heard KABOOM and the house literally shook. I made it up the stairs in record time....I thought the loaded bookcase must have fallen on top of them (maybe they had climbed it trying to reach the CD player).

No, Darling Daughter had climbed on top of the desk and turned the whole thing over along with the computer. This is an old old desk and it is huge (and heavy) It is amazing they did not get hurt. The computer is another story, I have not turned it on yet but inspected it as I put it back on the desk. The monitor case is all out of alinement but the glass did not break. Fortunately, it is an old desktop computer that we rarely ever use anymore. As I was cleaning up the mess, darling daughter was trying to be helpful (I guess) suggesting perhaps we should just get rid of the old computer since we never use it anymore anyway. I suggested this might be a good time for her to just be quiet as I was grunting and sweating trying to upright the heavy desk and put the computer back together!

Hubby will have to test it all out when he gets home but I think the computer may not have survived it. The wireless router went down with the ship also but seems to be in working order since I can still use the laptop. I suggested to the girls that they try really hard not to give me anymore surprises today as I just don't think my heart can take it!


Jennifer said...

OH NO!!! That would have scared me to death!!! Here's hoping your computer still's good that the router seems to still be working, thankfully!! Glad nobody was hurt! :)

Anonymous said...

Good grief! How traumatizing!

I'm glad you can still use your laptop, at least. That would have scared me to death and I would have been more than a little upset with a kid!

Cheers & Blessings to you all today! Dee

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