Friday, August 17, 2007

She's Back (but she's going again!)

Darling Daughter is back home again. The In Laws brought her back on Weds. (a day early) and I was so glad to see my baby girl! She is leaving again this evening to attend a Birthday/High School Musical 2 party!

Hubby and I were going to rent a movie and have a cuddle up on the couch and watch something other than Disney night but then the doorbell rang. UPS delivered his beloved Wii (it has been at the Nintendo Corp. being repaired!) So I am pretty sure our evening will involve playing Wii games! Oh well, I am sure we will have an enjoyable evening just being together!

Hope you all find something fun and cool to do on this hot August evening!


TMK said...

Wii fun! We had a HSM2 party here at my house of boys. Pizza, cokes and popcorn. Only 2 participated...the 5th grade boy is apparently too cool for that now. Whatev! Billy and I really liked the movie. shh don't tell. maybe it was just the great pizza buzz.

Jennifer said...

The little girls are all out tonight at HSM2 parties, too!! We went and played cards and stayed out way later than!! :)

TMK said...

There is NO possible way that I am braving the Tax-free weekend. I would rather double the tax than get out in that mess! we're going to the pool.

Tanya said...

High School Musical 2 was a big hit in our household, too :) On Friday, Abby wore her HSM shirt and decorated the tv area with HSM stuff!!