Monday, August 06, 2007

Quiet House!

Darling Daughter is spending a week with the grandparents, so it is very quiet here today. Maggie (the dog) keeps looking for her and then she looks at me like "ok, where are you hiding her?" Hubby and I are going to miss her but will enjoy having some couple time together. Tonight we are going to eat some seafood (darling daughter doesn't like seafood) and then go see the Harry Potter movie (it is captioned)

I have some plans for this week and I hope to share some stories and pictures with you all next week. Enjoy your week and I will be sure to enjoy mine also!


Jennifer said...

Did you have an awesome date night? Wasn't the movie good?? Where'd ya eat?? Love you!

MAK said...

Jenn- We ate at Joe's Crab Shack! Yummy! The movie was really good but I wish I had waited to read the last book until after I saw this movie because I kept thinking....oh yeah such and such happens to her/him...but I wasn't going to wait 3 weeks to read the book. And I had to wait until it was captioned to really get much out of the movie.

aggiejenn said...

Our house is pretty quiet, too, now that Caleb is asleep. Just me and the dogs! I haven't read most of the Harry Potter books, but I do want to go back and do that. Glad you were able to enjoy a night out!