Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Whirlwind Week-Part Deux

Here it is Weds and I feel like I am just now catching up after the past week and weekend. K had a nice birthday party with 4 little girls from her school. We had it at a little teashop. The owner provided them with boas and hats and they had tea and scones. The owner was supposed to spend time with them and give them some etiquette lessons but the shop was overbooked and packed. I knew when we got there that things were not going to go as planned. There was a group of older "society" ladies waiting to go in to have tea. They were mostly dressed in black with the most outrageous hats you have ever seen. One of the hats was a huge spider with black netting as the web. My Mother in Law asked them if they were a "Red Hat Society" and they exclaimed "Oh No Dear, we are the "Mad Hatters" Before the other little girls arrived they latched onto my daughter and took pictures with her. They were quite a group of characters and there were quite a few of them and this was a very small teashop. So the tea party did not go exactly as planned because the owner had to keep leaving the girls to go wait on the other groups. The girls still seemed to have a good time and the owner tried to make up for the inconvience. She gave K a cute little ladybug teapot and charged me less than half of what we had agreed on. MIL was not happy with the situation but K was okay with it so everything was fine.
In Laws breezed out bright and early Sunday morning, did not even say goodbye to me or K. I think they said goodbye to their son but am not sure! Hubby had to be at church early to set up communion for early service, so I was left to deal with a very angry little girl. Sometimes I think that people forget how important little things like saying goodbye are to kids. K got to sing and sign a song with the elementary kids during the baby dedication at church so that helped her mood a little. Sunday afternoon found me running to get a baby gift for a shower I had forgotten about and then attending the shower. It was sweet because this girl had several miscarriages and I had spoken with her in Feb. and she told me that she knew that God was going to answer her prayers and she had not given up hope. Now, her baby boy is due in Dec. Sunday was wrapped up by going to Life Group, end of a long day. Monday and Tuesday were spent getting the last few problems worked out on the work done to the house. Halelujah, it is finished! Also yesterday I was able to find K a halloween costume for about $10, she likes it and it did not cost me a fortune or require a tremendous amount of work on my part. Yeah. She will be Cinderella, originally she was going to be a beauty queen but outfit looks like Cinderella so she is going with that. Last year she was the Statue of Liberty and that costume was a pain to make.
I think maybe we are back to semi normal around her, just the normal everyday life stuff. I think I have had enough excitement for awhile so it will not hurt my feeling to be dull and boring for a few weeks. Hope that God is blessing all of you with a wonderful week!. I apologize for the mis-spelled words but can't get the spell checker to work and am too lazy to go hunt up a dictionary!


jettybetty said...

How many days is it to the Hawaiian vacation??
It's almost 2 months until Christmas, so life will probably slow down, right?
The tea party sounds fun--the girls probably didn't even notice anything was wrong! A ladybug teapot--how great is that? K may want to go back there next year!

MAK said...

The date is not finalized yet but about 120 days. Give or take a few. I am really holding my breath that nothing happens to where we can't go. I need to not be so pessimistic. The lady bug teapot is just darling. The lid of the teapot is the ladybug head with little anteneas. I want to take my friends and go back to the teashop!