Monday, October 24, 2005

Whirlwind Week!

What a week it has been! They finally finished the repairs on my house (well, almost they have 3 things to fix tomorrow) and it looks livable again. The carpet relayers and the carpet cleaners both came on Weds and finally got out of the house about 3:30 ish and K and I left the house for a doctors appt at 3:45, followed by dinner and church. Thursday was K's 8th birthday so it is was a whirlwind of activity all day long. It started out at 6am with:

1. breakfast taco's (which is a big deal because I am NOT a morning person)
2. logged onto the computer so that I could wake up K with an e-card from her Granny and Papa,
3. got K off to school
4.stripped her bathroom of all rubber ducky stuff and redecorated with tie-dye and butterflies.
5 Errands and picking up her cake (while I was doing my errands I witnessed a shop lifter so I had to take a bit of time to report that to the manager)
6. Take Cake and juice boxes to school for party
7. Work for K's teacher at school (2 hours)
8. Party with classmates, blue icing on carpet ( fortunately it is blue carpet)
9. run home to change into swimsuit and do homework
10. Swim lessons
11. Birthday dinner at Magik Time Machine (across town)
12. Home to open Birthday presents
13 Finally everyone to Bed!

Friday Morning I only had a little to do:
1. Get K off to school
2. Workmen doing touch up on the house
3. Try to put back all the furniture and stuff from having three rooms of carpet clean
4. Change sheets on beds
5. clean 3 bathrooms
6. plumber replace pressure regulator valve (dug up front yard and cut off water)
7. welcome in-laws for weekend visit at 3 pm
8. K off bus at 3 pm

Whew, I am getting tired just typing about it, well time to get the dinner going so I will make this Part 1 and continue with Part 2 later. Hope all of you had a much more relaxing weekend than me!


jettybetty said...

I think you need a vacation!!!

Glad the house is back in shape though--surely things will slow down??!!

MAK said...


We are still planning for that Hawaian second honeymoon, but it won't be until next year. I guess that dreams will just have to do for now!