Friday, October 07, 2005

Yeah for the Weekend!

It finally feels like Fall here! It is in the 50's, drizzle rain and the wind is blowing. K performed in a PTA program last night, she did a really good job. It was so cute, all these 2nd graders singing and dancing to these silly songs. K did one about the wild west, complete with rattlesnakes, cactus and wagons. Then, they did a version of the chicken dance. I couldn't help but think this is probably the last year they will be able to get the boys to freely participate, they are going to start saying it is "too girly" to dance before long. They all did a great job.
I guess I am an old stick in the mud but it drove me crazy the way people did not control their small children. Some of the parents let their children run around the cafeteria (where the PTA meeting and program were held) and up on stage, before and DURING the PTA meeting. These kids were making so much noise, we could not hear the speakers. They were walking up to the stage area and clowning for the audience. They repeatedly asked the children to clear the area and had to ask the parents 2X to come get their children so the 2nd graders could perform. Is it any wonder that schools have problems controlling kids when their own parents will not take responsibility for their kids? I had no problem with them running around before the program started but during it was a bit much.
They came out and did the estimate for the repairs of my house today and said they will start fixing it next week! Yeah!!! My parents are back home after being hurricane evacuees for about two weeks. You can just hear the relief in their voices now that they are back home. Today they were clearing out limbs and brush that had blown into their yard.
I bet it is a quiet blogging weekend with so many people at the Zoe Conference, hope they all have an uplifting time. Hope you all have a fantastic weekend, I certainly plan to have a great one!

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