Tuesday, January 03, 2006

First Day At Home Alone!

Hello All ( or at least the two or three of you who read my blog on a regular basis),

Well, things are on their way back to normal around here. Darling daughter and hubby went off to school and work this morning as usual. Hubby let me sleep in this morning and got K off to the school bus, I guess everything went okay as I was still in dreamland. I know hubby made it to work as he sent a text message a bit ago and can only assume K made it to school since they have not called wondering where she is!

I am still in a fog and will get dizzy if I stand up too quickly but am not in too much pain from the surgery. Dr. made it sound like I would be fine the day after surgery but was not the case for me. It may be due to being sick the whole week before the surgery. My body was weakened and then the surgery just knocked me down further. Once I feel better I think I will talk with Dr. about not "sugar coating" the recovery information.

When the doctor places the implant into the cochlear, he cuts off whatever hearing is left in the implant ear. I guess it works kind of like lossing a limb and you get phantom pains because I have interesting noises in my left ear. It starts off very quietly, like a train in the far distance and then gets louder and louder until I think my head will explode and then it goes away. The trick is to not lose your mind before it goes away! It is never the same noise and there is no warning that it is coming on. It does seem to be happening less frequently than it did right after the surgery so that is good!

I have an appt on the 18th to be" hooked up" or "turned on" with the processor ( that is the part that is worn outside the body and looks like a hearing aid) Until the processor is added and the program installed, I have no hearing at all in my left ear. I am not sure what I will actually be able to hear once they turn it on. Some people hear right away and others can only hear robotic noises (beeps, chirps, R2D2 sounds). I suspect I will fall somewhere in the middle, being able to hear some things but needing to work on speech.

We ordered a laptop for our Christmas gift to each other and I sure wish it was here so I could stay downstairs and check out my email and blog. Hopefully it will arrive in a few days. My head is spinning and my enegy stores are depleated so I think I will make my way back downstairs to the comfort of my recliner. Hope everyone's new year is off to great start!


jettybetty said...

Now you have a great excuse to take it easy for a few more days!
Hopefully, you will feel a little better every day!

Brett and Jenny Perkins said...

I hope you feel better soon! I wonder if the docs are so used to giving CI's to children, that they forget that kiddos are so much more resilent than us adults. They always bounce back faster! I'm praying for a smooth transition once you get this thing turned on!

elizabeth said...

Glad you are at home recooperating. I can't wait to hear how the hook up goes!

erinlo said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog!! I was at Fairfax from 98-01. I met and married my husband, Jeff, there and we had our first baby, Sam there also! I read over your last few blocks and saw that you got a cochlear implant. Were you part of the deaf ministry at Fairfax? My mother was very involved- Karen Sheppard- and my husband and I were good friends with the Cessone's and the William's....did you know them?? Anyways- hope you are feeling better VERY soon!