Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Just Say No to Predisone!

Predisone and me just don't mix! I saw my Allergist last week and she put me on predisone for a week. ( This is the third round of the stuff I have had since I started all this business with my sudden hearing loss in Nov.) I feel like I did not sleep for 5 days. I know I laid down and shut my eyes but there was no rest or real sleep involved. I had the weirdest dreams. One night I dreamed that an emanciated dark brown cow was wandering thru my house knocking over stuff while singing a single phrase from a song off the Zoe Group CD Desperate (not the whole song mind you but just one phrase over and over!) I understand where the song came from, as part of the training of my brain to use the Cochlear implant I am supposed to listen to CD's and that is the one I have been listening to the most lately. Where the cow fits in I don't know? Maybe I am feeling like a washed up old cow? Who knows?

No more predisone for me! I am swearing off the stuff! Anyone who knows me will tell you, I am interesting enough without adding drugs to the mix! Here's hoping for a good night sleep and no COW DREAMS!


erinlo said...

I have a friend who has to be on predisone all the time. The has more nergy than anyone I know and she has to take a sleeping pill just to sleep! I know I wouldn't like it after a while, but more energy sounds like a good thing to me! Hope you get some sleep SOON!

Natalie Brooke said...

Oh girl! I'm with you on the Predisone...stay away...far...far away!

You're dream, however, was stinkin' hilarious!

Have a wonderful day.