Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Sorry about that!

My friend TMK just emailed me that she hasn't been able to leave comments on my blog. My husband changed the settings for me a week or so ago so I could delete someone's email address from my comments and I guess he changed something else too because she could not leave any comments. So if any of you have tried to leave me a comment and it did not get posted, please go back and try again. Whew I am glad to know that there was a problem, I thought maybe I had committed some type of BLOGGER Faux Paux or something. Some type of unpardonable sin and no one was talking to me anymore!

I think Blogger has some weird quirks to it because ever so often I find that I can't get to my friends' blogs. I will get the same one for two weeks and then all the sudden I will get the two weeks worth on one day! Guess that is just to keep me on my toes and keep life interesting.

So A thousand apologies if you left me a comment and it did not show up. Please leave it for me again, I want to hear from you!


MAK said...

Not your fault in the least jenny. I am going to blame it on blogger and my resident computer geek! I just was really getting a little paranoid that no one had commented. Glad we figured out the problem!

Brett and Jenny Perkins said...

Sorry to be the source of all these problems. =)

MAK said...

I am really confused now because I responded to your comment and it is displayed before yours, like it was written first. AHHHHHHHH!

TMK said...

Glad to know it is fixed! You still have blogging friends, we just couldn't leave you messages. Thanks K for fixing it for us.