Sunday, January 15, 2006

Ho Hum Weekend!

Nothing too amazing happening this weekend. Did get to have dinner out with my hubby on Friday, while K was at brownie sleepover. Nothing too exciting on Sat. just shopping (hubby did that) and a little housecleaning while K and friend played. Today I have felt so yucky. I have bad headache (allergy related I think ) and a good bit of dizziness (guess still related to surgery) I hope that the two dr. visits this week will help with these things. I am excited about the appt with the ENT and audiologist, it will be good to see what I can hear. I have read so much stuff both good and bad on the internet, now I just want to see how it affects me! K is off from school tomorrow so I guess we will try to do something fun together, any ideas? Hope you all have a great week!


jettybetty said...

Yay for a night out with your hubbie!

Our tradition for MLK day was making donuts--out of canned biscuits! It was a silly tradition, but we loved it! Hope you find something fun to do with K tomorrow!

Hope the dr gives you really good news this week, too!

AFC has been great for our son! He's hoping to go to Thailand this summer. (He will find out this week if he needs to go to summer school). It's a small CofC world here in TX--I can believe you could hardly walk into one without knowing someone--isn't that great???

I am soooo thankful for AFC--it's been an incredible blessing for us!

TMK said...

Jenny and I were looking for you on SUnday. She said she figured out who you were and saw just Kyle there Sunday. She was hoping you felt ok. Now we know. Have had that headache, stuffy head, allergy problems lately also. Ready for it to go away! See you soon.