Monday, January 23, 2006

Insurance companies drive me crazy!

I just got off the TTY with my insurance company, only took me 35 minutes or so to actually get someone to answer my questions. I got a reimbursement check for an overpayment on a co-pay today. Two things that I wanted to talk with them about. One was that they made the check out to my 8 year old because it was her doctor visit and secondly, they reimbursted us for exactly the amount that they raised the co-pay this year! Apparently in Tx, it is illegal to charge a co-pay that is more than the amount that the insurance company has to pay. For example this bill was for $50 and our new copay is for $30. So under TX law the insurance has to pay at least 1/2, so everytime my daughter has to see this doctor then she will get a $5 check back, unless the doctor raises the fee to $60 instead of $50.

I ask them to send the check to me or my husband so that we could cash it, nope they can't do that but said most banks would cash it no problem. Then I asked if I could just pay $25 copay at that particular doctor and save us all the hassel of reimburstment checks. Nope, I have to overpay and then be reimbursted. Well, I tried and so now the silly insurance company can just be out the postage and cost that the check cutting cost!

It never ceases to amaze me the stupid stuff that goes on in businesses and especially gov't offices. Some of the stuff that my husband has to do because of gov't contracts just flies in the face of common sense. It is no wonder we have to pay so much in taxes! Okay I will get off my soapbox now! Darling daughter will be getting off the bus soon so I better go meet her. Hope you are all having a great day, it is beautiful weather here. Sunny and not too warm, it is January after all!


erinlo said...

Oh the stories I have about insurance companies right now! I donated a kidney last year to a friend and I am receiving bills from the hospital (for $30,000 I might add) and they are saying since I signed the paper, then I am responsible for the bill! Whatever! My recipient's insurance is supposed to cover everything, but they are denying coverage because my name is not on his insurance. It is so frustrating!!!!! So- I'm sorry about your insurance issues- I know what a PAIN it can be!!

TMK said...

Oy Vey! Hey, how is it going with your CI?