Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Goodbye Old Friends!

Growing up in my household meant the men ruled the television. My brother was big into Star Trek and my Dad was big into westerns. Thus I watched way too much of both of those types of programs.

Andy Griffith was one of those shows that everybody got to enjoy! Barney has been making me laugh for close to 40 years. My 8 yr old likes to watch the DVD with the old shows on it. Poor ole Barney (Don Knotts) passed away this week. I never cared for his character on Three's Company but always enjoyed Barney. Andy Griffith put it best: "Don was a small man ... but everything else about him was large: his mind, his expressions," Griffith told The Associated Press on Saturday. "Don was special. There's nobody like him.

"I loved him very much," Griffith added. "We had a long and wonderful life together." I sure hope when I die that my friends can say that about me!

Another actor Dennis Weaver died this week also and he entertained us with Gunsmoke and later MCCloud but I think what impresses me the most is he was married to the same woman for 61 years. It is really hard to find that in Hollywood anymore! Of course, he did not live in Hollywood, preferring to live in Colorado in a solar powered home that was made from mostly recycled material. A family man who cared about the enviroment sounds like a good guy to me!

I don't know anything about either of these men's spiritual life. I hope they knew Christ and I hope they are with the Father now. I can appreciate both of these men for the joy they brought my family and countless others. Think I will go watch a Andy Griffith DVD and laugh with Barney for awhile!

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Brett and Jenny Perkins said...

I saw Matt Lauer interview Andy on the Today show yesterday morning. The sadness he felt for the loss of his best friend was painful to watch. He was a good actor and apparently a great friend too.