Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Today has been a long day and it is only 3:30! K woke up at 6:30 saying she did not feel good (tells me that a lot) I sent her to school anyway thinking she would feel better once she got going. I got dressed and was headed out the door to go to the school when the school nurse called. They said that she was complaining of feeling nausous but had not thrown up, did I want them to send her back to class or pick her up. I explained I was on my way to the school to work in the copy room this morning, to see if she could go on to class and I would check on her when I got to the school. She went on to class and when I checked on her she was doing fine.

The copy room was crazy this morning. We were totally out of white paper for the first few hours I was there, but could still make copies if the teachers wanted colored paper. Then the copier maintance guys showed up so I had to stop everything while they did their things. Finally about the time that the copier guys finished the load of paper was delivered so we were tripping over paper boxes everywhere. From famine to feast in the paper department! I should have worn my pedometer today because I know I walked several miles.

About noon, I went and checked on K, she was at lunch with her class. I walked in and she had her head on the lunch table, not eating just looking sad! She felt warm to me and she has a mark on her forehead that turns red when she gets a fever or mad or just really hot from playing and it was very visible. So I went ahead and brought her home. She has not thrown up but just is really dragging and obviously does not feel good. If she isn't better tomorrow we may need to call up the good ole doctor!

Here's hoping for a better day tomorrow and a well child. I think I have a date with a couple of my girlfriends for breakfast tomorrow, sure hope I can make it but we will see how the night goes. It is yucky when you or your kids are sick!


Brett and Jenny Perkins said...

Zachary woke up saying he was sick too- which, like K, is a regular occurance. I went ahead and kept him home (since he's only 3 and all) and by about 10:00 I regreted it. He was happy, playful and had just managed to wake Ethan up from his nap (and he had only been sleeping 30 minutes). Ugh! Well, at about 2:00 he started complaining of being sick again and wanted to lay on the couch and watch Dora. At 3:00 the TV was on, Ethan was playing (loudly!) and I look at Zachary and he is sound asleep. That is not like him at all! I feel his head and he is burning up- 102.8 fever. What?! I guess the kid could feel this illness coming on at 6:45 this morning.
I hope K feels better and I guess we'll both be home with sick kids tomorrow (unless we're at the doctor).

MAK said...

I just hope we are not both joining them in the sick beds! K is up and down like a yo yo. She threw up just a bit ago and now is wanting to eat! Hang in there, I am praying this will be a short illness!

Beaner said...

Man - the bug is going around everywhere!!! We've got it up here in Illinois too. I'm thinking it might be because we had such a mild winter - not enough cold days to kill the germs. Hope your daughter feels better soon! And i hope you guys don't catch it too!

Eric Livingston said...

Hope K feels better soon. I know that's not fun.

Still praying for you - specifically for improvements with the CI.