Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Weary Wednesday!

I kept K home today. She threw up once yesterday but that was it! However, every time she got up from the bed, she would complain of nausea. I am thinking she did not get sick because she did not have much in her, just a little soup and crackers. Today she has not had much of an appetite and is just kinda moppy but has moments when she is her old self (and her goal is to drive her mom batty!)

I woke up at 3 am feeling like I had swallowed crushed glass. Major earache on the implant side and yucky cough. I took a chloreseptic throat lougenzer and swallowed the silly thing when I laid back down, almost choked to death! All I could think of was great, K is going to wake up in the morning and find her dead mother! Obviously, that did not happen. This morning my throat was not as sore but my head was full of congestion and I am back to walking into walls again. Played phone tag with the ENT all day and finally got word that he wants to see me tomorrow morning. (Sure hope K can go to school tomorrrow!) I guess they don't want to take chances with this $70,000 device in my head! (Yeap, that is really how much it cost, I saw the hospital bill.......Thank Goodness for Insurance!)

I think everyone must be sick, even one of K's doctors called and cancelled her appt for tomorrow. The Dr. is out with the flu! The kids here are out of school on Friday as it is an inservice day for the teachers. So that makes me even more determined that she goes to school tomorrow. I can't really see any reason now to keep her out another day, no fever, no vomiting in over 24 hours. When you factor in the cranky Mama, everything points to the fact that K would be much better off in school tomorrow. There is more to this saga but I will save that for another day!

Several people have asked me about the CI, how it is going? It is incredibly slow and frustrating. I am not recognizing anything as speech or music. It remains beeps, and robotic type noises. I can tell that they sometimes follow the same pattern as the person speaking and so that is a little improvement. Basically, if I am having a good day, it is easier to deal with the frustrations of the CI and tell myself it will get better. If I am having a bad day then I am likely to feel like it is not worth the frustration. Fortunately, I have a lot of support from other people so when I am having a really bad day, they encourage me to stick with it. So I take it one day at a time! Hope all of you are staying healthy!

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erinlo said...

I SURE hope everyone in your family is feeling better soon! And I will be praying about your appointment tomorrow!!