Friday, February 10, 2006

Honey Is Coming HOME!

What I have been avoiding writing is that my hubby has been out of town on business all week! ( I wasn't comfortable blogging that we were home alone!) So not only were K and I sick all week, we did not even have anyone to take care of us! All together now AWWW...YOU POOR THINGS!!! I heard "I miss my Daddy" hundreds of times this week!

However as of 11:30 this morning he is on the final leg of his flight coming home. K and I will go pick him up later this afternoon. I am looking forward to talking to an adult in the house again. I am looking forward to sharing the parenting load, although he may get to share a little extra this weekend, because I need some sleep.

I just don't function as well without him in the house. I am afraid something will happen and I will not hear it. I often wake up several times during the night and wander around thinking I am hearing something. Even simple things like not hearing the alarm clock (yes I know we can buy an alarm that will shake the bed but we haven't yet!) Let's just face it I don't llike to be alone! I miss having him in the bed with me, I even missed his snoring! (now that is true love!) Mostly I missed laughing with him. Alot of our time spent together involves laughing, we find humor in almost every situation (I am convinced that is one of the things that has gotten us through some rough stuff! ie..miscarriage, moving 1300 miles away from all out family, infertility issues) No matter what, we can always find something to laugh about!

If the tone of his emails and text messages is any indication, he missed us just as much. He is a homebody who likes to be with his girls! I don't think he sleeps so well in those hotel rooms all alone either. By the end of the week, I think he is more than ready to get back to this boring old routine. So Baby hurry home, I miss you like crazy!


jettybetty said...

I think I undestand!
Hopefully, you have him home by now!!!

MAK said...

Yeah!!! He is home!!!!! Goodnight everybody!

TMK said...

Glad to know he is safely back! I know you all are glad to be back together again. See ya Sunday.

TMK said...

Missed you at church this morning. Hope you are feeling OK. See ya soon.

Brett and Jenny Perkins said...

Hope you are feeling better!