Thursday, February 09, 2006


I had an appt with the ENT today, he said I probably have the flu but gave me antibiotics just incase it was something else. He said he did not want to take any chances with the implant. He is having me come back in two weeks to do a balance test again, since I am still dizzy when I turn over on my left side. He is also concerned that I am not understanding more with my CI, so he wants a representative from the company that makes my CI to be there for my next mapping with the Audiologist.

I feel like I have the flu, all I want to do is go to bed but K will be off the bus soon so I need to stay up and take care of her. Maybe she can go to friends house to play this afternoon. She does not have school tomorrow (in service day) but has a brownie activity in the morning. We can sleep in a little (about an hour) but that is it. Hope all of you are well and don't have the flu, cause it is NO FUN!


Mark Lowenstein said...


Get well!! Sorry you're having one of these things that has been swarming around the Fairfax church of Christ office. It's definitely, "PHUN ZERO"!! :)

Hazel is doing better.. She has been moved to Manor Care at Fair Oaks for rehab. She'll be there for a week. But she cannot go home alone. Her children are now looking for home care personnel to watch her around the clock. How frustrating is that for the family!

I see that you got a "CI". Per Feb 8, it doesn't look as if things are going the way you want it to go. So we're praying for you..

Give our love to K and K. ;)

BTW, no problem about the "anonymous" name.. You already told me who you were the first time you posted a comment in my blog. So you're not that anonymous. ;)

erinlo said...

I'm so sorry you are still not feeling well, MAK! I hope that today things will start looking up for ya!

jettybetty said...

I hope you feel better today--the flu is no fun!

I will pray that the doctors, audiologists, company people figure out what is going on with your CI--and you will be hearing much better very soon!