Monday, August 15, 2005

AH....The Sound of Silence

I got my house back! It is official, Summer is over! Darling daughter is back in school as of 7:30 this morning and the house is quiet again. Sure did not start out that way though, of all the mornings for us to oversleep. Hubby thought the alarm was set, it was, just not turned on! I had a rough night with ol' Mick and was up and down alot so when I woke up this morning and hubby was still asleep I though it must not be time to get up yet, then I realized it is awfully bright in here for 6 am. It was 6:51 am!!!!!! Major Panic attack! So everybody flew into action, I fixed DD some breakfast and DH got her up. He was a little confused and had her brush her teeth before breakfast but "no harm, no foul" She just brushed them again after she ate. We got her fed, dressed , brushed, took the traditional in front of house picture and were in the car by 7:15 and at school before 7:30. She is so big now, she was so focused on getting into her classroom, she did not even tell us bye. We called her back for last minute hugs and pictures. I hope that she has a wonderful first day of school and I pray that God blesses all the teachers at her new school with patience and knowledge for they are caring for our most precious gifts. Blessings to all of you!


TMK said...

Hey MAK~
Sorry to hear about your Mick J! He just needs to leave ASAP. Hope K had a great day at school. Mason did! His favorite part was lunch and recess, duh. Tanner was sad to be alone today, but I went to work and he stayed with Daddy. They had fun together, so he forgot about being lonely real quick. Have a great day! Hope you wake up tomorrow better. Who is DD and DH? Just can't figure it out and I am being nosey!

MAK said...
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MAK said...

DD is darling daughter and DH is darling husband, sorry for the confusion. So glad the boys had a good day at school and Tanner got some alone time with Daddy. K seemed to enjoy school, said the day went by fast. BTW (by the way), I am making your recipe for dinner tonight and it smells wonderful.

elizabeth said...

I am so ready to have my house back! I will still have 2 at home, but I think one less than what you are used to feels like a vacation.

I am looking forward to catching up with scrapbooking and getting my house back in order!

Sandy said...

oh least you can suffer with that rolling stone without anyone else to worry about!

Natalie Brooke said...

what grade is your daughter in?

about your comment...we were at the LTC in Tulsa and it was 4 years ago. That would have been neat though if we'd have known each other.

And by the way...way to go! Way to get ready so quick and out of the house. I'm so horrible at that if I oversleep. Always out the door at the last possible minute on those kind of mornings. You've got to be super mom!