Monday, August 01, 2005

Similarity in Kids

I recently got a chuckle out of a post by my friend, TMK about her son finding some old pictures and wanting to know who the guy was with Mom and did Dad know about him. Today I am writting a comment on a blog and my 7 year old daughter wants to know "Who is Mark? ( Minister from a church we used to attend in VA) and "does Daddy know about him?" Yes. Finally she winds it all up with "Should I be concerned about this?" I assure her that neither herself or her Dad needs to worry about this but wonder where she picked up these ideas. Seems like 7 year olds should be worrying about dolls and if they can have ice cream for dessert, not whether it is wrong for Mom to write a man a note. World sure is changing! I think that my family is removed from the threat of divorce (as the only D word my husband and I know is DEATH, as in "one of us may die but there will be no divorce!") but I guess it does touch my daughter and there is some fear there. I think I will close and go kiss my husband and reassure her a little that he is the only one for me!


TMK said...

It is so sad about our children's concerns now a days. There is just too much around of that around them.

I am SO excited that you are in the blog'o'sphere! I plan on printing them out and giving them to the boys, or at least in a box until they want to read it or their wives do! Have fun and I look forward to reading about your life :)

jettybetty said...

"as the only D word my husband and I know is DEATH, as in "one of us may die but there will be no divorce!"

Great comment!

Kids do have way too much to concern themselves these days. Kids should be allowed to be kids.

I stumbled on to your blog from TMK's.
I am not an aggie, but I had a quick learning curve about all that tradition stuff when our son started school there.
Am I allowed to WHOOP here?


Sandy said...

Oh the worries of our children nowadays! POor kids grow up too fast in this society. I hope she's reassured and knows you'll be together forever!