Thursday, August 11, 2005

Mick Jagged

We decided that the kidney stone needs a name so he has been named Mick Jagged because he is trully a Rolling Stone. I thought it should be a guy because a girl would not give me this much grief and would definitely make her presence known and then get on out of there. This guy is rolling around having a good old time, oblivious to my pain. Seriously, we just thought that was a funny name! My parents have been here helping out this week but are going home tomorrow. My Dad lost a filling yesterday so he need to get on to his dentist, he says it doesn't hurt but that can change quickly. I went back to the urologist today and he is scheduling me for more surgery in a couple of weeks. There is a chance that I may still pass the silly thing but it is looking less likely all the time. Apparently it is Kidney Stone Season and they are having a run on surgery appt so it is going to take a couple of weeks to schedule me in! He said that the surgery would be a lot like the stent procedure but that he would blow the stone to bits with a laser, I asked him why he did not do that while he was in there on Friday and he said well that was an emergency proceedure and he was just trying to allieviate my pain. I am sure there were some insurance issues involved and face it, he makes more money doing two proceedures. So that is where we stand with the lovely kidney stone. I appreciate my parents help so much and I know I am still in for a few rough days but school starts here monday so maybe things will be back to semi normal and who knows maybe that silly stone will make its appearance and there will be no need for more surgery. Please keep us in your prayers.


elizabeth said...

I had kidney stones when I was 28 weeks pregnant with my son. That is one of the most painful experiences of my life.

I hope all goes well.

TMK said...

Sorry MAK. Mick J. needs to leave your premises! You are in my prayers.

jettybetty said...

I haven't had kidney stones and from your description--I never ever ever want them!

I do hope that the thing just decides to pick up and leave today!


MAK said...


from your mouth to God's ears! Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers