Saturday, August 20, 2005

My Mom got a new computer!

My Mom finally took the big step of buying herself a computer. Actually, she gave us her credit card number and had my husband (our resident computer nerd) buy her one over the internet. Surprisingly, she got it after only a few days, not the two weeks the company said it would take. The first day she got it, it sat on the table. My Dad said "let's open it". Mom says"no way". Day two, she worked up enough nerve to open the boxes and put it on the table. They hooked up all the cables and wires but she refused to plug it in. My brother (who lives in town) told her that he would try to come by and help her get it set up, but that he might not make it over for a day or two so to plug it in and see what happens. Nope, she would not plug it in. Third day, she decides that she will plug it in but the monitor won't come on. So she calls technical support and after a 10 minute wait gets someone in India, they help her figure out that a cable is in the wrong spot and they get it to working. She wants to connect to the internet but feels overwhelmed, after several hours, she braves it and establishes an internet connection and gets her very first e-mail account ( at 68 years of age). Day four, she tries all day to connect to the internet again but can't manage to get it to work, she finally calls me at 8 pm and my wonderful hubby walks her through it all and somehow they get her connected again. We'll see what happens tomorrow. Bless her heart, she is finally in the 21st century! She has drug her heels and has had a few panic attacks along the way but by golly she is here now! Way to go Mama!!! So far she has only called us about 6 times in three days so maybe her phone bill won't be too bad either! I am picking at her a little bit but seriously I am proud of her for overcoming her fears of the internet. Of course, the woman who called her at 4:30 am this morning and greeted her with "I heard you bought a new Dell Computer" did nothing to alleviate those fears. My Mom asked her if she realized that it was 4:30 in the morning and the woman said "Oh, I am sorry I thought this was my cousin"and promptly hung up on her. That is a bunch of bull, no one except Dell knew she bought a computer so it had to be someone at Dell who messed up on the time zones. (calling from India, maybe!) I think I have convinced her they are not spying on her through the internet but we will see. By the way that scum Mick Jagged is still in the house! Aughhhhhhhhh


Jacinda said...

funny, funny! My mom has asked me several questions about Ebay since I kind of got her hooked on that! It's funny how "technologically unadvanced" the older can be. On the other hand, my 5 year old is quite capable of playing one of her computer games all on her own and has been doing so for a long time!

TMK said...

Too cute! It is kind of scary with all the wires and plugs and gadgets. Good for her!