Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Bootstrap pulling time!

I am sick and tired of being sick and tired so I am not going to do it anymore. I had promised at the end of last school year that I would help get the reading resource bookroom set up at my daughters new school. I was all ready to get in there once they opened the building ( the second week of Aug) when ol' Mick came for his unwanted (and ongoing visit). OH how I wish that man would leave!!!!! So today I decided that I was going up there and start working no matter how I felt. I put in a good two hours before I had to come home. I am pretty much wiped out but feel good that I got something done. I hope that once this is all over ( either I pass this stone or they zap it with the laser on the 29th) that the doctor can tell me what caused it and how to prevent it from ever happening again. I feel like I have wasted two weeks of my life waiting on this stupid rock to make it's painful journey. I am sick of talking about it and I know everyone is sick of hearing about it. I am going to try to take a Paul approach to this and just accept this as my "thorn in the flesh" and try to go on with life as best I can.

On a more positive note, I have a funny to tell about my 7 year old. She was misbehaving at dinner on Monday night and she had to leave the table before dinner was over (she had eaten most of her dinner so I was not starving the child) and I would not give her anything else to eat that night because she had been "willfully disobedient" So she whined and carried on most of the evening about how we were starving her and how I should give her a second chance. She went to bed that night without anything else to eat but I fixed her a big breakfast the next morning and sent her off to school on the bus. She gets off the bus in the afternoon, all smiles and as we are walking into the house she looks up at me with the big green eyes and the sweetest voice and asks "Mama, do I get to eat dinner tonight?" I could hardly keep from laughing, I said "yes, you may have dinner tonight as long as you choose to mind me" and she said "I will, I will" So, I guess that was a lessoned learned!


TMK said...

Well poor little thing! I am going to give her double snack tonight at church. We are having rootbeer floats! Glad to see you are getting out despite your pains. Maybe all the moving around will jolt that thing right out...maybe they should just reschedule your surgery. Weird that it is booked...must be that season for kidney stones. Glad you are up with the times MAK!

MAK said...

funny that you said that because the doctor was apologizing for having to schedule it so far off and said that it was "kidney stone season" and also that his collegues were all on vacation and he was covering their patients too! Don't you dare give her double snack, it is bad enough you load her up on sugar right before bed. Remember I know where you live! :<) Just kiddin!

Sandy said...

You haven't passed that bugger yet?? Oh boy!
I think it's great you stuck to your guns about her not eating anymore. I always give in...hence they take advantage of me.
Once, I spent MONTHS organizing, categorizing, and alphabetizing my boy's preschool's library, it was in shambles, and don't you know it wasn't long before it was all messed up again! (there's no one to enforce the putting it back where it belongs rule) So anyway, didn't mean to be a damper, it's a good thing you are doing!!

Gayla said...

Hi MAK, I linked to your site through my friend, Jen.

Kidney stone, eh? I had my very first (and only) one back in May. Broke my clean record of never having been in the hospital (other than childbirth).

Come. Check out my stone story! ;)
Click here

I can't believe they're making you sweat it out like this for such a LONG time!!! Yikes!

I sure hope all goes well.